Move.Link.Engage. represents a unique forum that encourages open debates on topics related to advocacyeducation, and networking. A conference is a gathering place for experts from the civil, business, and public sectors - representatives of national, regional, and EU institutions, decision-makers, local drivers of changes, the academic community as well as all active citizens. 

MLE was held for the first time in 2015. Since then, the goal of the conference remained the same - this event promotes knowledgeaccountability, and respect of public interest, through constant work to improve quality of life in a community, and through addressing socially important questions.

Topics of common interest of all sectors, which are the focus of this year's MLE conference, are: environmental protection, improving the employability of youth, social responsibility, and conscientious corporate management. Through changes based on evidence and facts, the synergistic action of all sectors of society will contribute to the mapping of challenges, as well as road signs to solutions.

For 30 years, the Belgrade Open School has been developing and networking drivers of change, improving public policies, and connecting the public, business, and civil society sectors in order to build a resilient society, based on knowledge, partnership, and responsibility.

In the past seven-year, MLE has gathered more than 150 speakers1,650 participants had a chance to listen to them on more than 45 panels. We are proud that more than 13 donors have recognized the quality of our conference and enabled us to plan and organize this event with their support.