As a nonprofit, educational, civil society organization, for 30 yearsBelgrade Open School has been working together with prominent individuals, as well as with the representatives of the civil, business, and public sectors. Together, we have been making changes and creating a better society for everyone.

Through our activities, we nourish public interest and promote knowledge and accountability. We empower individuals to become active citizens and drivers of social changes by creating and implementing education, research, and information programmes. At the same time, by improving the process of development and implementation of public policies, we are working on creating a better society in those areas that are important to all of us - good governance, energy, climate and environment, education, employment, EU integration, and youth policy.

Using our resources and expertise, we create a link among civil, business, and public sectors in a new way, and create space for cooperation. For decades, we have been mapping organizations, institutions, and companies that are ready to change and improve themselves, their environment, and community, and we nurture our partnership. In that way, we strive to connect professionals that have the capacity to deal with challenges in various fields and we build a network of experts who are ready to change society for the better.