As in previous years, in the final part of this year’s great Move.Link.Engage conference, the awarding of diplomas to students of the Future Studies educational program was organized. This year, 10 students stepped into the greatest Alumni community in the Republic of Serbia: Marko Milenković, Nikola Ilić, Jovan Nikolić, Branka Planić, Polina Čečina, Filip Ljubojević, Dragan Dživdžanović, Ivana Dunjić, Nemanja Ristić and Nikola Pavlov.

In the previous year, the students of Future Studies have participated in a series of activities that are part of the program: lectures within four modules, Alumni2Students mentorship program, internship program, writing the final project and many additional activities. The epidemic of COVID-19 was not an obstacle either, because our students fulfilled all the obligations that the program consists of in the online format, but also when such possibility existed, in the BOŠ classroom. In addition, they connected with each other, became closer and thus created another unique group of our students, who will continue to be a part of BOŠ's story.

After the awarding of the diplomas, we have continued with the alumni networking. Members of the Alumni network gathered to support the Future Studies program with their donations, but also to see their colleagues from the same generation and other generations of this program and exchange their ideas and experiences with them. In a festive, relaxed, festive and above all meaningful evening, another donor's party was successfully realized, with the expectation that similar gatherings shall take place in the upcoming years.