The guide for cooperation of business and civil sectors presented to the public

Belgrade Open School presented a Guide for cooperation between the business and civil sectors, which aims to encourage as many companies and civil society organizations as possible to take active steps and achieve long-term cooperation. The guide entitled "Sustainable Future Initiatives - Innovative Approaches to Civil-Business Cooperation" contains concrete guidelines and frameworks in which the partnership of these two sectors can be achieved.

76th edition of the newsletter “Let’s talk about negotiations”

Our monthly newsletter Let’s talk about negotiations is dedicated to the citizens caught in the action, and their stories from the other side.

Seventh Move.Link.Engage. conference: Changes come from local communities

The second day of the seventh Move.Link.Engage. conference, organized by the Belgrade Open School, was about stories of the fight - for free media, against fake news, for clean air, against depopulation, told on three panel discussions.

Dialogue and trust are the most important tools for cooperation between civil society and public authorities

Speakers on the first day of the seventh Move.Link.Engage. conference, organized by the Belgrade Open School, concluded that for building trust between civil society and public authorities through dialogue – the most important tool is establishing a quality partnership.

[Interview] with Vladimir Pavlović: We are getting farther away from adopting European values

For the past seven years, the Belgrade Open School has been organizing the Move.Link.Engage conference, with the firmly set goal – promotion of knowledge, responsibility and respect for the public interest.

Prevention of the depopulation trend in Serbia – roads & insights

Significant changes are required in almost all spheres of the current society, we can all agree on that. However, the responsibility for changes is often transferred from the state to the citizens, which leads to decades of stagnation in social, economic and other areas, but also to the feeling of general apathy towards changes.

Air Pollution: How to Fight against "Silent Killer"?

In the previous weeks, there were two large fires on the territory of Belgrade - at the landfill in Vinča and in block 70. The fires led to the release of extremely dangerous carcinogenic substances, called dioxins and furans. These substances are placed on the list of pollutants, and the authorities must strictly monitor their emissions and completely remove the elevated concentrations as soon as they appear, considering the consequences they have on health.

State of the European Integration of the Western Balkans on the International Day of Democracy

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Layen, announced that she is going to visit the Western Balkans at the end of September, to strengthen the partnership between the Union and the region. The visit to the Western Balkans will be a signal for a further integration and greater commitment to this process, because of all young people who believe in the European future.


The Belgrade Open School is organizing the seventh Move.Link.Engage: Citizens caught in the action - Stories from the other side conference, which will take place on September 21st and 22nd, 2021 online, on the official MLE website.


The sessions of the last day of the Move.Link.Engage conference held on September 23rd, opened discussions on the topics of youth employability development and local sustainable development in terms of just energy transition in coal-reliant communities.

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