What are the stories from the other side, and who are the citizens caught in the action?

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Move.Link.Engage. is a unique forum that deals with improving the quality of life in the community through the cooperation of civil, business, and public sectors. MLE is a space that encourages discussion, fosters dialogue, and brings together experts within topics related to public advocacy, education, and networking. All these years' stories from the other side are part of the Belgrade Open School.

The stories of those active citizens who aren’t waiting for someone else to solve the problem, but take matters into their own hands, those who are not afraid to step forward and call to account, those who show that small victories are an introduction to the big ones, they are those who motivate.

Because they are the real initiators of change working closely with Belgrade open school for almost 30 years on building a better society based on knowledge, accountability, and public interest.

Latest News

The guide for cooperation of business and civil sectors presented to the public

Belgrade Open School presented a Guide for cooperation between the business and civil sectors, which aims to encourage as many companies and civil society organizations as possible to take active steps and achieve long-term cooperation. The guide entitled "Sustainable Future Initiatives - Innovative Approaches to Civil-Business Cooperation" contains concrete guidelines and frameworks in which the partnership of these two sectors can be achieved.

76th edition of the newsletter “Let’s talk about negotiations”

Our monthly newsletter Let’s talk about negotiations is dedicated to the citizens caught in the action, and their stories from the other side.

Seventh Move.Link.Engage. conference: Changes come from local communities

The second day of the seventh Move.Link.Engage. conference, organized by the Belgrade Open School, was about stories of the fight - for free media, against fake news, for clean air, against depopulation, told on three panel discussions.


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Jovana Božičković

Phone: +381 11 30 65 800 / Local 109

Email: jovana.bozickovic@bos.rs


Bojana Džulović

Phone: +381 11 30 65 800 / Local 108

Email: bojana.dzulovic@bos.rs