Move.Link.Engage. represents a unique forum that encourages open debates on topics related to advocacy, education, and networking. A conference is a gathering place for experts from the civil, business, and public sector - representatives of national, regional, and EU institutions, decision-makers, local drivers of changes, academic community as well as all active citizens.

MLE was held for the first time in 2015. Since then, the goal of the conference remained the same - this event promotes knowledge, accountability, and respect of public interest, through constant work to improve quality of life in a community, and through addressing socially important questions.

While they are trying to make changes, active citizens are facing everyday challenges. Lack of dialogue, various pressures that activists are facing as well as resistance to a change is enormous. Without dialogue misunderstanding of motives, and opinions of the actors in dialogue gets stronger, especially when it comes to defining development priorities and finding solutions for specific problems in a community. Misunderstanding is followed by the dehumanization of other participants of the dialogue which triggers mistrust, dissatisfaction, and finally, a need for revenge of those that hold honest and great expectations of the dialogue.

Challenges that citizens face every day in their efforts to influence and bring changes in their environments are enourmous. Lack of dialogue, various pressures on activists as well as resistance to a change are huge. Therefore, on September 21st and 22nd, 2021 BOS spotlighted the stories from the other side. The stories of those active citizens who do not wait for someone else to solve the problem for them, but take matters into their own hands, those who are not afraid to step forward and call to account, those who show that small victories are an introduction to big ones - those who motivate.

In the past seven-year, MLE has gathered more than 145 speakers1,500 participants had a chance to listen to them on more than 40 panels. We are proud that more than 12 donors have recognized the quality of our conference and enabled us to plan and organize this event with their support.