Lidija Komlen Nikolić

The Deputy Appellate Public Prosecutor in Belgrade

Since 2010 Lidija Komlen Nikolić works in Appellation Public Prosecutors Office in Belgrade as the Deputy Public Prosecutor. Previously, she was appointed as a Special Prosecutor for combating Cybercrime. Lidija participated as an expert in a series of training in the field of human rights protection, high-tech and cybercrime, anti-corruption, money laundering ,human trafficking, intellectual property, etc.

From 2018, Ms. Komlen Nikolic is the President of Presidency of Association of Public Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutors of Serbia (PAS). In this capacity and as a member of other PAS committees, she represented PAS and actively participated in all activities related to the judicial reform in Serbia. She also represents PAS in the National Convention on the European Union for Chapters 23 and 24 and is also a member of the Commission for the Implementation of the National Strategy for Judicial Reform. Ms. Komlen Nikolic is amember of the Commission for the preparation of the National Strategy for the Development of Justice 2019-2024. She is also a member of the MEDEL and IAP. She is an author of many publications in the field of criminal justice, rule of law, and justice reform.