Jasmina Vukotić

Coordinator of Legal Team, Consumer Protection

Jasmina Vukotić obtained her BA from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. She was the best student in her generation both at the faculty and at Belgrade University. At the same institution, she earned her Ma and PhD in civil law in 1998 and 2012, respectively.

Upon completing her studies, she had various jobs in her line of work (court, law firm, various companies, public administration, insurance company). She passed her judicial state examination in 1997.
Since 2013, she has worked as a docent at the Faculty for Applied Management, Economics and Finance at the University Business Academy. She teaches Business Law, International Business Law and Insurance.

As a Coordinator of Legal team she is responsible for coordinating team that is tasked with drafting amendment to the laws, proposals to change laws. Jasmina is a member of the working party set up by the Ministry of Trade to amend the Consumer Protection Law.

She speaks five languages: French, German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.