Anđela Milivojević

Investigative Journalist & Multimedia Author, Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia

Anđela Milivojević has more than eight years of experience in investigating journalism working mainly for CINS. She investigated and wrote stories about corruption and organized crime in Serbia, and is very well versed in sending public information requests, researching online databases, data analysis, interviews, as well as creating visualizations and infographics. She coordinated the revamping and major updating of the database on proceedings against public officials for corruption, conducted during 2018 as well as coordinating development and implementation of an interactive platform about failed privatizations of controversial "24 cases". She won three national awards for the best investigative story: in TV (2014) and online category (2011 and 2017). She was part of the CINS team that won the 2017 European Press Prize for investigative journalism. She regularly conducts trainings on various methods of investigative journalism. Anđela was a fellow of 2018 Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence where she won the 3rd prize for her investigative work exploring political violence in lawless northern Kosovo.