In the Search for Enlargement

Enlargement is one of the most successful policies of the European Union, or at least certainly the most successful mechanism and guide of the Union's foreign policy, which is still in search of its meaning. The Western Balkans has been in the accession process since 1999 and 2000 when Serbia and Montenegro joined the Stabilization and Association Process. But the region's progress in the process is, at the very least, hesitant.

Shrinking Space for Civil Society

There are over 31 000 registered citizens' associations in Serbia today, which classifies Serbia in countries that have organized and vibrant civil society. However, there is still a misunderstanding of this concept among the citizens of Serbia, as well as who does it and what civil society is doing.

Serbia and Western Balkans: Is There Energy for European Integrations?

As the world and Europe transition to renewable energy, primarily wind and solar but also to other renewable sources, why are we still holding onto fossil energy?

IV Regional Conference Move.Link.Engage - The Enlargement: A Brand Old Story

The fourth regional conference "Move.Link.Engage. The Enlargement: A Brand Old Story " was held at the Zira Hotel in Belgrade on September 13 and 14. , gathering more than 170 participants, representatives of the civil, public and business sectors.

Waiting for Enlargement

Has enlargement become, in the past year, the "new" favorite word in the Western Balkans, and is it the same for the EU? Is there a will to work together to succeed and to make the extension of mere words a result? Are we ready to take responsibility for everything that lies ahead?

European Union and Other Demons - Unbearable Lightness of European Integration

Why are we still struggling unsuccessfully with our understanding of the idea of EU accession and what is our role in the mosaic of European integration?

III Regional Conference Move.Link.Engage - Rethinking Europe and Western Balkans

The Belgrade Open School, together with the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society of Government of Serbia, organized the Third Annual Regional Conference ’Move. Link. Engage – Rethinking Europe and Western Balkans, on 18th and 19th of September in Belgrade.

II Regional Conference Move.Link.Engage - New Modes of Governance in the Western Balkans

Second regional conference Move.Link.Engage - New Modes of Governance in the Western Balkans was held on December 8th and 9th in Belgrade.

Move.Link.Engage. – First Regional Annual Conference held in Belgrade

On Friday, 30th October at the premises of Impact hub in Belgrade was held The first regional conference, Move.Link.Engage. Citizens’ participation in the decision-making within the EU integration process.