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MLE gathers experts in different areas, high representatives from domestic, regional and EU institutions, local champions of change, decision makers in civil, public and business sector.



During MLE, coffee break is never just a coffee break. Speakers and participants are encouraged to use every opportunity to mingle and establish relations between organizations they represent.


Variety of Topics

Whether you are interested in skills necessary for future and employability, energy transition or clean air, the EU integration process and rule of law in the Balkans, MLE fosters open discussions.


Continuous Story

Conference Move.Link.Engage is organized for the fifth time in a row. Take a look at what we have been accomplishing together since 2015 in order to move the dialogue and link and engage people.


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In the Search for Enlargement

Enlargement is one of the most successful policies of the European Union, or at least certainly the most successful mechanism and guide of the Union's foreign policy, which is still in search of its meaning. The Western Balkans has been in the accession process since 1999 and 2000 when Serbia and Montenegro joined the Stabilization and Association Process. But the region's progress in the process is, at the very least, hesitant.

Shrinking Space for Civil Society

There are over 31 000 registered citizens' associations in Serbia today, which classifies Serbia in countries that have organized and vibrant civil society. However, there is still a misunderstanding of this concept among the citizens of Serbia, as well as who does it and what civil society is doing.

Serbia and Western Balkans: Is There Energy for European Integrations?

As the world and Europe transition to renewable energy, primarily wind and solar but also to other renewable sources, why are we still holding onto fossil energy?

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Venue: Hotel Zira Belgrade (Ruzveltova 35)



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